July 11, 2008

Being the middle person

Why me?

It's always me being in between to sides at war.

Maybe it is because I don't wish to side anyone.
Maybe it is because I'm such a good person and I don't offend anyone *cough*

From all the wars I've seen,
There is this similar thing,
Which is each side has a story to tell.

Side A would say this,
Side B would say otherwise,
Or a totally opposite of what A would say.

But point is,
None of them is willing to step down.
Why should I be the one to do that?
Why should I?

Doesn't mean that if you are the 1st to say something about it,
That makes you the wrong one.

You don't need to be wrong to actually apologise,
What's important in the friendship between them.
Unless of course,
You don't treasure it.

Can only be solved by discussion.

If you continue to refuse to give in,
You aren't being a good person too.

Then again,
Time will eventually make things fade and disappear,
And things might go back to what it used to be.

But if you never handle the problem in a good way,
It will leave a scar,
And that will add on,
Till it explodes someday later.

Friendship often breaks apart because of small things like this,
Just like that,
Becoming enemies,
Cursing each other behind their backs.

Troublesome stuff.


Johnny Ong said...

such things do happen, even negatively at times, so that a person will grow in future. everyone will go thru such experience in order to grow up otherwise will stay with a baby brain

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Kyle said...

I am a firm believer that attract who you are or the Universal Law of Attraction which works no matter how small the detail.

Kyle said...

Err I meant: You are who and what you attract in life.

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