July 14, 2008

Deepest Darkest Secrets?


Do you have one?

I know most of us has a dirty little secret that we wouldn't want anyone else on this earth to know.

But what if,
What if someday,
Someone finds out?

Imagine finding out that my friend is gay or lesbian out of a sudden,
Or someone has a fetish for feet or legs.

Or someone you look up to turns out to be a ...

I don't wish this to happen.
Like some Hong Kong serial drama,
A close friend turns out to be a serial rapist or murderer.

I don't think it is all fictional,
It could happen,
But of course,
I don't wish for it.

One word of advice,
Stop doing it if you don't want things to happen.

Imagine everything we are in now changes,
That wouldn't be something happy wouldn't it?

Instead of fulfilling weird needs or pleasure,
Why not just find ways to get out of it.
I'm sure that doing something secretly is no fun at all,
Might as well break free from it and live without worrying.

I wonder why are these little thoughts hitting me these days @_@


Johnny Ong said...

some people continued doing it believing that they'll never be caught

Kritz said...

As a Chinese goes, paper cannot wrap fire .. lol