July 31, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

Short note

WHY ... WHY? T_T
My hopes and dreams of getting at least 1 prize is washed away with cold water ._.

Just when I thought no one knows about it,
And the contest is going to end,
Suddenly publicity strikes and the date extends.


No hope of winning now,
Just posting what I've prepared ._.

Hello there (:

Before I start, let me explain to you readers what freak show am I doing here. By now, frequent readers should know about Nuffnang. It's not just a blog advertisement company, it's more of a community for bloggers to hang out, to know what's going on in the blogsphere. Other than that, our beloved Nuffnang often gives out prizes through blogging competitions.

Like this one.

Nuffnang Gift Ideas

No point repeating what's already said or mentioned in detail. Click and read.

Here goes ... *crosses fingers*

I would like to give a present to a girl called Fiona Chan (:
She's a girl, which laughs a lot. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. She's a klutz (no offence yeah?) and she can get childish sometimes :O

But fact is, she's good at stuff that no one will ever think of!! Such as HTML-ing and a lot of other stuff that I can't remember right now.

Anyway, here's a few of her pictures :

If you're interested in her you can contact her yourself, I don't do middle man stuff (:

After giving much thought, and banging my head against the wall several times, I've finally come out with something so cheesy, it might either catch your attention or make a whole flock of crows flying across your head.

But still, it originated from the little unimaginative brain of mine, which means I actually came out with something cheesy with those ounces of brain juice.

I just really want to win ._.

Without further ado, here’s the lovely little (no pun intended … or maybe …) gift.

Courtesy of RealMart, it's the SKI Knife ( 7 Functions)!!
Nice? Don't need to tell me, I know it is!

It’s not just a Swiss army knife, it is a MOLEST-ME-NOT™! You know … like pepper spray? You’ll see why.

  1. The sharp blade - It may seem like a knife to cut stuff directly, but people don’t know. It is actually a little knife for you to stab the molester! You can even take it out to cut ropes when you’re all tied up. Self defence is very important.

  2. The scissors - No, it’s not for cutting nostril hair … well, you can, but it’s actually for cutting strings! You can even cut stuff, like, you know, when a molester, er, you should understand.

  3. The hook - Just hook it into his eye sockets and dig that friggin’ eye ball out, *evil laughs* … *cough* I didn’t just laugh like a maniac, that wasn’t me, I swear!

  4. Bottle opener - Ha! With this, you can screw that molester up, LITERALLY! Imagine the blood oozing out. Dark, crimson, bloody, red, blood! *grins*

  5. Nail … something. - Well, defending yourself is hard work, and girls need to keep their nails tidy (= Careful! Don’t break a nail!

  6. I seriously don’t know what that is for. - Just … stab.

  7. Keychain - Sorry, I can’t find the 7th function, I think that should be it.

There you go. I got this present, because, ... it's the cheapest gift in the whole RealMart site. *runs*

Don't stab meeee~

I gave Fiona Chan a knife so she can stab me instead of me stabbing myself *stabsself* every time.

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