July 10, 2008

My mail was replied with a phone call

Few years, months, weeks ago,
There was this Jackson Ng seminar in my school,
But due to the lack of students taking part,
It was postponed again and again.

Along with my RM60,
It just started to drift away.

When I was checking my mail,
I saw a mail from the mastermind trainers,
Which is about the Jackson Ng seminar.
(They came for a one hour introduction and took everyone's email)
It was sent to a lot of my other friends too,
Which I managed to identify immediately in the CC section.

There was another 2 day seminar in another place.

Does this mean that there isn't going to be a seminar in my school?

I replied that mail,
Never thought that anyone would actually reply,
Or maybe it'd take a few more days.

But shortly after,
Like after a few minutes,
Someone called up.
(They took my phone number too -.-)

It was some person from the seminar thing o.o
Kinda freaked me out.
My school's one should be cancelled and I should collect my RM60 back from my teacher.
Whether I want to join the seminar at Summit Hotel in Subang,
That's another thing.
She told me a lot more details which I totally couldn't understand or even cared to,
But I just want my cash back (:
Troublesome stuff.

Seminars in my school never seem to work out.


Roshann said...

jackson ng.
if im not mistaken he's the author of a book titled "You Are A Top Student"

i wouldnt recommend the book though... the book is informative, but it doesnt really get you. and in a way, it is a lil' conservative.

cheerios =)

Kritz said...

ahhh.. too late, already got the book for RM12, but my friend lost it.
thanks anyway >.>