June 2, 2008

Boring Holidays.

I don't know what to write. I have a feeling that I often drift around when I blog about one topic. Can't seem to stay on something. *sigh* Nothing happens during my holidays, yes I do go out, but I need something more than that. I'm really really bored. Bored. Dead bored. All I do is kill time, things that benefit me seems to be more boring. I'm starting to hate this word.

How I wish I had a bunch of friends that would want to hang out everyday, it does not necessarily mean to hang out at shopping malls, I don't mind drinking tea at a nearby coffee shop. But sad thing is, everyone is either busy, or not living nearby. *sigh*

Hopefully my grown up life wouldn't be this boring. I'm bored. Maybe I'm boring people. Yeah, that's the thing, I'm boring people. How sad is that? I don't even know what to blog about. Boring ol' me.

If only I could bring whatever I want to school and teachers would be off for one week, that would be fun! But friends can be hard to be with sometimes. See, I go off topic again. Friends. Friends. *sigh* My form 3 year seems dead.

I hate this.

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Jarod said...

hey, when u have grown up, you got to find some activities to do. Else, y0u'll be rooting til u get old. Get that? Start finding some interest now! LOL.... IM IN THE PROCESS! HAHA!

hEY, I love CARL JR. Tried it at Singapore, it was nice!!!