April 30, 2008

Taken For Granted =/

I'm so not going to lend anything to you guys in my class,
I'm going to be that selfish moron sitting there and ignoring all your pleas.
What's the point of sharing when people think it's SUPPOSE to be that way huh?

The story goes like this.
This *new-comer* in class borrows a glue stick from me in class.
He uses my glue stick till it was finished.
Yes, finished.
There goes that thing that I can use for months,
And it goes bye bye in less than a month.

I don't mind if you forget it and need to use it for emergencies,
But noooooooooooooooooooooooo,
You guys use and pass,
Like I owe the whole class or something.
I'm just trying to be kind here,
And what do you do?
You finished it.
Bloody people,
Get it yourself la.
If you're poor or something,
Don't use it then,
Or just starve for a day and buy it yourself.

Teacher : "Okay, I'm going to give out these notes, paste it in your exercise books"
Student A : "Kritz, pinjam gam"
Student B : "Kritz, borrow glue"
Student C : "Kritz, 借浆糊"
Student D : "Kritz, pinjam gam"
Student E : "Kritz, borrow glue"
Student F : "Kritz, 借浆糊"
Student G : "Kritz, pinjam gam"
Student H : "Kritz, borrow glue"
Student I : "Kritz, 借浆糊"


And those who borrow correction tape,
The same person,
For like,
Few hundred times.

Eh, not cheap leh,
You think I print cash ar,
Borrow borrow borrow,
Your grandfather's one ar?

I'm just so pissed off over this type of attitudes.
In fact I don't mind anyway,
They should put stuff like those in a corner of the class and everyone who needs it will go and take it,

Worse still,
Some will use your thing like it's free.
*Takes correction tape, use use use, pull pull pull*
*Takes glue stick, dab dab dab, make circles on the paper, put some on the table*
*Takes scissors, cut paper, cut table, cut other peoples hair, dig your nose*

What the hell right?

So please,
Buy some it for Pete's sake,
It's not like you're from Africa or something,
Finding it hard to buy due to the lack of money.
Got money to buy cigarettes la,
Not money to buy a stupid RM2.50 glue stick la.

Oh ya,
Then the story continues,
When he finished the glue stick,
He went and threw around.
The teacher asked whose glue stick was it ...
... Me "*raises hand*, itu Brandon habiskan la"
*sits down and do whatever I'm doing*
I'm really sick of those shit,
I wanted to stuff that glue stick up his nose.

Next time,
When I have something,
I need to hide it in my pocket,
And use it secretly without anyone noticing,
So when people ask me for it,
I will say I don't have it.
Or I shall buy some special glue that will stain the whole paper or something,
Maybe a glue that will not stick,
So that no one will ask me for it :D

I'm a selfish moron,
Deal with it.

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