August 3, 2008

It's been awhile ...

Long time no see.

Lacking of updates these days,
A summary of important events :

Went back from church after morning service,
Wanted to sleep but ended up going to IOI Mall with my mother.
Thanks mom for the facial cleansing stuff,
And the subway treat,
And the books =)
Basically the stuff that both my parents buy are different,
And now I know who to go to for expensive facial stuff now =P

Went to some seminar,
For PMR.
Freaky thing was,
That the math teacher was the same math teacher at my father's office!!
The same dude who taught me math there.
The seminar was average ...
English and Science section was good,
And others were ... mediocre.
Now I know what an actual seminar is like,
Which means I won't be going for one any time soon.

Last week,
Had pre-trials,
Got the shocking news that I'm going to be a mentor for a bunch of students who scored below 25% for their maths and science.
Let me boast a little.

click to see

Because I got the top in maths and science for the mid-year exams,
My group name is called A1,
Top in my form muahhaahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahaa

Other stuff,
I can't access nuffnang these days,
I think they block me or something T_T

I'll elaborate on anything if I feel like it,
This is the end of my post.

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