August 6, 2008

Being a Teacher for One Day.

For your information,
I've been selected as one of the mentors for some Science and Maths program in school.

Teachers made this program to target students who scored 25% and below for their exams,
Hoping that this program might help them to at least pass in their PMR exams.

It wasn't as bad as what I thought it would be,
But still,
It wasn't that amazing too.

Science was almost impossible to teach.
Most of them couldn't understand the theories,
And theories are mostly meant to be known and not understood.

Quite a few of us gave up teaching science and just let them write answers,
And when I try explaining,
They probably nod, nod and nod,
But get nothing at all.

Maybe it's because they couldn't grasp it at all,
Should have started from scratch.

Or I just suck at mentoring.

I really salute those who actually put effort into explaining to those mentees.

Maths was better and easier to explain.

There was this boy,
One of my mentee,
I think he actually understood what I've explained during maths.
He actually manage to do quite a lot of questions.
Maybe he might be just nodding for the sake of nodding,
But I don't mind assuming that he really understood =x

After explaining quite a few questions,
It was already the end of the session,
The end of the whole school session.
He actually said thanks to me.
Then again,
I might have mistaken,
But it really seemed as if he learnt something from me.

I guess that's what being a teacher is all about?

*teary eyes*
I'm not that emotional.
But ... it was quite a nice feeling that you don't feel everyday.

Considering that my mentee was a Malay,
Which makes communicating harder,
Things still went smoothly,
I guess at the end,
It is rewarding (:

Speaking of mentees being Malays,
I practically spoke Malay for 2 days,
And found out how I really sucked at speaking Malay.

Oh ya,
There's this very very rude teacher,
I don't want to mention names since they are going to make a big fuss over it,
But please,
You're rude.
Palaliao -.-

End of the two day programme,
I really hope mentees and even mentors will benefit from it.
Might sound fake to you,
But never mind,
Have it your way (:

*I'm trying to be positive*


Cyren Wong said...

Ola nuffnanger!

It is a very rewarding feeling isn't it? To know that you have imparted strongly upon a group of people that will (very likely) remember you for the rest of your life.

You think two days is thrilling, wait till you try it on a long term basis. You will have your rough moments but, there is SO much more you can impart upon people!

Really, it almost makes me want to consider taking it full-time you know! Although, I expect I would be more comfortable teaching in colleges and universities (with older kids) than say in high-school or primary school

Kritz said...

[Cyren Wong]
Heh, I don't think I really made THAT big impact on someone.

I thought of being a teacher ... but I prefer a job that is more rewarding ... if you'd get what I mean $_$

But of course, it's a temporary thought. I might change when I grow up, who knows?

Jarod said...

haha! If rewarding experience is what you are looking for, look no further. If you are patience, can handle naughty remarks and etc, welcome to education line! I fully support you morally if you are going for it. :)