August 31, 2008

To that someone I highly respect.

I have interest in nothing.
I do not like anything,
Forcing myself to have interest in something does not work,
Neither does you complain or so called reverse psychology.

It is not like I am the one who made myself lose interest in anything,
Or more accurately I never had,
But what can I do?

Maybe if some day,
I find something that I like,
Then I'll have interest in something.

Oh yeah,
You think I did not put any effort,
Or just do not care about it.

You think if I have an idea,
I can move it from my brain onto a piece of paper?
You think if I have an idea,
Then everything shall be done?

Sorry to be rude or anything,
But I really, really hate this.
I myself wish to find something that I am interested in,
Instead of wasting precious time like this.

And yeah,
Maybe I have no future.
Let it be then.

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