August 25, 2008

Trials Results.

*heart pumping*

*blood level rising*

*stomach churning*


*adrenaline rushing*

Getting too far.

So far I have got my results for the following 5 subjects.

[Malay] 84%
[Maths] 92%
[Chinese] 81%
[History] 78%
[Science] 84%

*oh yea, my school considers 75% and above to be A*

Words can't describe how over the moon I feel right now.
Even though it is not the results that a super genius would get,
But it's quite good for me already.

Mid year results [here]

My top 2 subjects dropped a little,
Okay quite a lot.
But still,
It has been a long time since I gotten an A for my History.

My Chinese also improved,
A lot.
Never expected my Chinese results to start with the number 8,
Or maybe it is because teacher marked less strict?
Essay 27/30 woot!

Malay was unexpected too.
38/40 for my essay!!! *screams and faint*

Thanks to Ming Huey's father for lunch,
Wanted to pay myself,

Oh yea,
I predict my Geography to be an A too!
I just got answers from my friend,
I feel so happy now despite feeling tired and moody.

Contradicting I know.

Should not have slept late last night,
Now I feel all dizzy and tired,
Yawning through my whole day.

I should get some shut-eye,
Or maybe not!

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