August 7, 2008

Helpless or unconcerned?

The noisy students in my class are like a troop of monkeys.
And among monkeys,
There'll always be a leader of monkeys.

A big one.

I'll call him BN.
(Not a political party, mind you. It's his initials.)

Teachers tend to complain about disciplinary problems among students,
But do they actually take action?

Or more accurately,
Does everyone of them care?

Why so much fuss about it when teachers couldn't care less in class?
My say is :
"Either you totally don't care, or take strict measures all the time"

Comparison :
Teacher A and Teacher B.

Teacher A gives us all homework and goes on with her own work.
She sits at a place where she can easily glance all over the classroom.
Those monkeys with their leader, BN,
Enjoy themselves with whatever monkeys enjoy doing.
They run around hitting each other,
Playing with handsets and everything,
And the teacher acts as if nothing has happened.

At first,
I thought the teacher just wasn't concerned.
I thought she just didn't care and had to let them be.
Or she didn't want to create problems.
But then again,
She might be already numb or fed-up about it.
Or probably gave up trying.
Whichever it was,
It wasn't the best thing to do,
And a total opposite of what teacher B would do.

Teacher B,
On the other hand,
Couldn't stand the slightest noise or disobedience.
She clearly stated that the bags should be left outside.
(we were in some room)
BN just sat there and didn't budge,
Despite the fact that teacher was already starting to shout at him.
Poor teacher got so angry and she immediately threw his bag right out of the room and started calling who-knows-who-was-it.

From my observations,
Indian and Chinese teachers tend to work their anger and take drastic actions against disciplinary problems such as the one mentioned above.
I'm not being a racist,
It's my observations.

Why do I even care.

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