August 30, 2008


Finally got every single paper back,
As good as it may seem,
It is still disappointing.

That one shot of a chance to get straight As just got foiled as my Living Skills paper came back.

Never mind,
I'll try harder next time.
(Yeah right!)

Things have been disturbing these days,
As it has always,
Just that I am on the verge of exploding.

Why do I need to put up with all these,
Can't I just live life as other teenagers would.
What did I do to deserve this.

You probably would not understand what I'm blabbering about,
But one thing is for sure,
You would not want to be a part of it.

So basically,
This whole week was about exam results.
Quite boring.


I'll start writing random stuff :

I want to watch Babylon A.D. but there are a lot of bed reviews on it so should I watch or not?

Darren Shan is so amazing, too bad I can't crawl up in my room for days and just read, I have a life to attend to.

Chewing gum is so chewy and addictive, lol.

Something is wrong with my webcam, it will turn on and start snapping pictures, quite scary.

I slept almost 12 for every single day, I think I should sleep earlier.

I want to drink milk ._.

I should start studying for Living Skills since it was my worst subject ... er ... not today :P

I have that ... empty feeling, as if something is missing or I'm just misplaced.

Some people are so bad at covering themselves.

Some people like to ask very very very very stupid questions.

I continue to crave for my iPod Nano.

I want to buy Daughtry's deluxe edition if it comes out.

I want to buy OneRepublic's one too.



What else do I have to say,
To who it may concern,
Can you please shut up and talk when necessary,
I am getting annoyed.
Thank you.

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