August 9, 2008

Malay Wedding

Quite interesting.
Sorry, no pictures.
Next time,
I should get one of those DSLRs and act like some photographer taking pictures.

Or just steal the memory card from the photographer.

It was my mother's boss' daughter's wedding.
Zoelina and Eusuf.

The bride and bridegroom walked in,
Bride with her lovely gown
And the bridegroom in his charming baju Melayu.

There was some Malay traditional ceremony,
Sprinkling water or something,
As a symbol of blessing.
I think.

Didn't get a clear shot of anything,
Started eating instead.

Beef rendang!

My parents socialised around,
And I just stood around.

I still didn't get a clear look on what a Malay wedding is all about.
Other race ceremonies always seem to make me interested.

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