August 13, 2008

Bye Living Skills~

[Day 1]
[Day 2]
[Day 3]
[Day 4]
[Day 5]

Ahhhh ... 2 more days ...
Most of the other students will be sitting for the last day tomorrow ...
Because on Friday its Chinese and Tamil only,
And not many people take Tamil.

KH (Living skills) is finally over ;_;
I wanted to wake up 5.30am this morning,
But I set my alarm clock wrongly,
Set 6.30am instead >.>

Didn't even have time to touch my Science ...

I'm not boasting ...
But people who say I have no problem handling Science and Maths is wrong.
Being one of the top in that 2 subjects ...
I have that pressure ... not to drop ...
I think I'm a sadistic freak who enjoys giving myself stress and pressure @_@



Tomorrow's Maths and Geography.
Can relax a little,
Since History and Living skills are already over ...

Pressure ;_;

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