August 13, 2008

Just Felt Like Blogging About It.

There's so much hype over the Beijing Olympics these days,
I might as well hop in the bandwagon and blog about it too.

But of course,
I'm gonna say something else about it.

You know,
Channel 318 on astro shows about Olympics but from TVB.
Or something like that.

The speaker (or whatever you call him) was so ... annoying.
I understand supporting your own country is a good thing,
But excessive favouritism irks me.

For example,
When Hong Kong's ping pong player was against Poland's.
Whenever HK's player is leading,
The guy will say something like :
"Comparing them, we can see that our player is more experienced ... "
"It's already winning ... "
"Poland's player is inexperience compared to our player ..."

What hits me more is when Poland's leading.
"HK's player just isn't used to playing against her ... "
"She's trying to get used to it ... "
"She's just warming up ... "

Too much, I'd say.


Falcon said...

normal lah..even the Brits are like that when hey comment on football..

Baby said...


Kritz said...

I don't watch sports too much so I guess I can use that as an excuse =x