August 18, 2008

Movie Review : WALL-E

To start off,
That robot is WALL-E.


In the future,
The Earth we know will be filled by trash,
Thanks to irresponsible humans.

Oooo, shiny.

Humans set off into a space ship,
And robots like WALL-E are left on Earth to clean up the mess.

Interesting ...

But apparently,
It was a failure.
Life couldn't sustain on earth.

*stares in to blank space*

But WALL-E still did what he was programmed to do,
Compiling trash.

Me and my bag

But soon after,
He will discover what he was meant for.

Sunlight goodness

Then came,
Something new,
That will change his life.

scanning... scanning...

WALL-E meets EVE.

A lightbulb, ironic much.

aww. look at that.

They embark on an adventure,
To do what they are supposed to do.

Isn't that a spaceship?

Meet M-O

The neat-freak

To bring humans back to Earth.

*hangs on tight*

Weee~ So beautiful~


Wow, nice sight.


Red button

Wanna sit beside me?

In my opinion,
I think this show is totally worth watching.
It's not as amazing as The Dark Knight,
It's a totally different thing.

I think it's more of a piece of art,
A Sci-fi movie disguised in a cartoon,
(quoted from somewhere I can't remember).

For kids,
It might be just a movie about 2 robots loving each other,
But there's a strong message behind it.

Without even saying much,
They managed to touch hearts of the people watching it.

It's a movie that makes you go "awwwww", "noooo" and might even get you teary,
It's just ... so cute,
So ... I don't know how to explain,
Just the loneliness of being alone on the planet full of trash gives me that weird feel.

If you're a insensitive fiend,
You could skip this movie,
Or else,
I strongly suggest you to go watch it!

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