August 24, 2008

It's that time again.

It's that time again.
Time to complain that the holidays aren't long enough.

I guess a lot of other students will do the same too.

Saying holidays are too short isn't quite accurate,
From what I see,
Holidays seem to feel much more slower than schooling days,
But we just don't get enough of it.

So basically,
Besides going out,
I was spending quality time with my computer.

Playing Maple Story,
Listening to some songs,
Chatting with some friends,
And poof,
There goes one week.

So much for saying that I will study for this holiday,
But now,
I have gotten so used to that I-should-have-studied-but-it-didn't feel,
I don't even feel guilty about it any more.

And yeah that is a bad thing.

Oh yea I have been reading Darren Shan these days,

What else ...
I thought of blogging about the friends I have and the music genre I like,
But I'll leave that for later.

For now,
I should be doing the book that was given by my teacher,
As the so called holiday homework.

Stop procrastinating ...
Never mind,
It will never work,
Might as well continue to procrastinate and spend time the way I like it.

That is wrong.

Went to church today,
Missed youth for 4 weeks,
Feel so much better now,
Wondering whether should I join the 2-day-camp next week.

Oh well,
Farewell lovely holidays,
I'll see you after PMR.

*pulls computer back*
You are not going anywhere,
You stay with me!

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