August 27, 2008


Just recently,
One of my friends talked about pressure,
As in pressure from our parents.

Her pressure is about another thing,
Mine is something else.

I think this post will sound stupid and cheesy,
Because I am not quite good at writing such things.

I am sure that everyone knows what is pressure,
Especially for those who normally do good in their exams.
I would be lying if I were to say that my results are terrible,
But I personally think it is not good enough.

Maybe because I have not try putting my best efforts in it.

I appreciate the fact that my parents don't give me too much pressure,
Except for the fact that they do not expect me to get bad grades.
This is understandable because it is logical,
Even I myself do not wish to drop.
But maintaining my grades tend to exert pressure by itself.

Not many of my friends understand what I am going through,
A lot of them just do whatever they like to do.
Sorry if it sounds rude.

What's worse is that I do give myself an equally disturbing amount of pressure too.
I seriously hate it when people come around asking,
"Kritz! What happened? Why like that?"
The only way to avoid that is to try my best.

I think I should stop thinking.
This is just meaningless.

1 comment:

limcyam said...

Do not worry about those things that is beyond you.. there is nothing you can do about it.

You might as well focus your energy on something positive and within your means.

What is interesting about life.. is the journey, and not the destination!

Have fun!