August 15, 2008

Tagged by Kentze.

No instructions were given,
But I guess it's about my favourites.

Number : Nothing specific... seriously.

Colour : Currently like red. Bright red. Black will do too, and white, and yellow, and green, and blue.

Day : Er ... logically speaking, I should love Saturdays. But weekdays can be fun sometimes.

Month : Month, December, month of holidays.

Song : This is hard. I think anything from OneRepublic would do.

Food : Japanese for now, I miss them so much ._. Chinese food ain't bad too, Western's okay too, what else?

Sport : I'm not that much of an athlete ... maybe badminton -.-

Drink : Ice Lemon Tea <3 Coconut juice <3 Justea <3 etc etc

Candy : Dark chocolate @_@ *drools* Oh oh oh, and chocolate covered raisins.

Ice Cream : For basic favours, I'd go for blueberry or chocolate, for exotic ones ... not so sure.

Season : Winter, they weather that everyone in Malaysia would love to have.

Band : This is hard. OneRepublic, duhh. And Daughtry, not really sure about others.


Website : Er ... I don't know.

Animal : Cute little puppies I guess. But not responsible enough for one.

Item of Clothing : What item? Item can mean anything. Clothing ... something loose, heh.

Word : No idea.

Place : Those lovely getaways, where I get to live in a villa with a back door leading to my own private beach, and I want a DSLR with me, and I want a gigantic comfy bed for myself, and I want an amazing Internet connection. But not for long though, might get boring.

I tag : Sheep, Fiona and maybe Cherrie again. (For Cherrie it's optional because she seems busy o.o) Oh yeah, and TJiuns too.

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