August 10, 2008

Note to self.

As most of you guys know,
Tomorrow's PMR trials for every single Form 3 student sitting for PMR.

And guess what,
History's on the 1st day.

Time for last minute cramming!!

Yesterday I tried studying in my room,
At night.
And yea,
You've guessed it,
I felt asleep.

Tried studying in my room,
Didn't work.

By the way,
I skipped church today...
Why? ...
Because ...
I'm a bad person ._.

Studying at my dining table totally works!
I don't know why,
Maybe it's that chair,
Or the table,
Or the bright lights and the fan.
But most importantly,
It's MY place to study (:

I know,
I've been studying for 9 years,
It's kinda late to actually find a study spot =x

So far,
I've covered one chapter on History.
I'm doomed anyway.

Oh yea,
A BIG THANK YOU to TJIUNS for SMSing whenever I'm bored.
Even though it's a bunch of senseless crap,
But still,
Thank you (:

Looking for more SMSing people~
Sign up at the cbox =x
*gosh, I sound superficial -.-*

PS. peach tea and yo-yo rocks!

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