August 12, 2008

More trials.

[Day 1]
[Day 2]
[Day 3]
[Day 4]
[Day 5]

3 more ;_;

Today was English and MORAL!!
I can't believe we had to sit for moral even though it isn't a subject for PMR.

English was ... okay ...
Just the novel part was a little ... hard.
Had to write the importance of friendship o.o

Tomorrow's Science and Living Skills.
I hate KH,
I got 70% for that during my mid-year exams >.>

I plan to finish my tuition work,
Go tuition,
Come back,
Study @_@

Can't wait for all this to end!

I wanna watch movies ... play games ... read books ... go shopping ... go out ... enjoy life ... listen to songs ... chat on MSN ... catch up with my beauty sleep ...

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