August 8, 2007

HELP~! I got a daughter!

Well, today was quite OK.
1st period is Mathematics.
The stupid teacher still haven't tell us the results for the monthly test,
Can't wait anymore!
When we were doing rotations chapter,
Chan Wai Lun asked me stuff,
This and that.
Later he said that he has a talent for this chapter.
Ha ha, since when he has talent anyways?
I think he is the only person born with no talent.

Then was Living Skills class,
This new teacher is fierce,
After that he became nice,
And again exploded.
His mood swing is even worse than a girl's one (no offense!).

Then was Chinese class,
Since our Chinese teacher is still in hospital,
So we spend our time in the library.
Me, Blake, Josh, Vivian, Fiona, Angeline and Kar Mern were chatting.
For your information, I am now the uncle of Blake,
And Kar Mern is my daughter?!
Then Angeline was writing rubbish on the newspaper,
Don't know who wrote something about Fiona,
After Fiona read it she looked like she was going to cry.
Poor little grand niece,
Then her father, Blake had to cheer her up with some weird edited song.
So when we were insulting Blake about his singing skills,
Fiona said that if other people insult us we won't be happy,
She seemed very sad because of that newspaper thing.
Cheer up Fiona!

So then was Malay class,
The teacher showed us a clip of our ex-Prime Minister.
I actually enjoyed watching it,
While majority of the other people was snoring away.

Last 2 classes were English,
Nothing much.

Well, that's all people!
Thanks for reading.


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