August 25, 2007

Boys' Brigade Musical

Well, haven't been writing my blog past few days,
Lazy and addicted to Maple Story,
Haven't even touched my homework.

The new Giant opened few days ago,
Hated that place.

Today was fun!
Me and a bunch of church friends went to a musical,
There were me, Luke, Jeyshaan, Addison, James, Mel, Angel, Esther, Daphne, Michele and Cherrie.
The musical was at Dewan Sivik , Petaling Jaya.
When we reached there, we saw Faith,
Well something happened,
But that wasn't important.

The musical was, amazing.
I will type they summary from some booklet.

"This is a story about two childhood friends, Jian and Sheng. They grew up together living in the same neighbourhood, going to the same school and both enjoyed being in the same Boys' Brigade Company. Even though they were both different in character yet they complemented each other. Jian was carefree while Sheng was the conscientious one.

During their secondary school years, they were separated into different classes because of their grades. Along the way, Jian began to change. he became rebellious and started hanging out with the wrong crowd, skipped school, picked up some bad habits like smoking, gambling, getting into fights and lying to his parents and friends. Sheng, on the other hand, remained firm in his beliefs. Sheng knew what was happening to Jian. He tried to help him and made sure they remain firm friends.

One evening while playing basketball with Sheng and some friends, Jian was confronted by a group of gangsters who demanded money which Jian owed. When Jian could not produce the money, they beat him and a fight broke out. It was during that fight that Jian's like was about to take a complete turn.

'Can't Stop the music' reminds us that no matter how far we run away from God, no matter how much we try to ignore Him, he is still our Maker. He will always be there - loving us. His faithfulness is like a river that does not stop flowing and His love is the music that cannot stop playing."

Well, the whole musical was meaningful,
The only thing was Luke that sat beside me,
Kept laughing and laughing.
I am not going to elaborate too much about the musical,
I'll let the story stay put in my mind.


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