August 30, 2007

Drilling Competition

As you all noticed,
My blog entries has been shorter and shorter.
But today,
I will take me sweet time,
Sit back,
Relax and take my time to type this entry.

Starting from yesterday.
Well there was drilling practice too.
I am so freaking tired,
After going back,
Still need to finish my Geography Folio.
And worse still,
I have tuition.

The next day,
Means today,
Went to school.
Our group continued to practice for the competition.
3 days,
And my leg hurts!
I still have a little bit more to finish up my Geography Folio,
And I tried my best to find every small breaks to finish it.
I borrowed black socks and black shoes from my drill friends.

So we practiced,
And after awhile,
It was our turn!

We marched,
Our squad leader said his last words,
Then we went out.
We knew we couldn't get top 3,
But our seniors said,
At least not the last.

So after the Brigade's drill,
We went into the drilling ground.
Wow, amazingly it rained quite heavily went we went out.
It was kinda cool,
But kinda irritating too,
Heck, think on the bright side,
There isn't a strong sunlight to burn us.

A lot of other students clapped especially when we still continued to drill even though it was raining.
Well, a lot of people did small mistakes,
Including me.
We marched 2 rounds,
Did 3 formations,
And left.

I was so relieved,
It is over!!

So and gang of us sat down and rest,
I still had to finish up my folio.
After finishing it,
I gave to the teacher,
To my surprise,
She sad I could pass up on Monday.
She said she is lazy to go to the office and some other stuff.
Silly me, I thought she was going to chop me up.

But thinking the other side,
If I never show her the folio,
She wouldn't let me pass up on Monday,
Because she said that I have her permission to pass up later.

So I drank 5 cans, 2 packets of drinks!
Then I also spent a lot of money buying food for my friends,
The don't feel shy at all,
Just joking!

Nothing much I can remember now,
The competition ended up like this,
1st place was KRS,
2nd was Scouts,
3rd was Pandu Puteri,
4th was Brigade,
This was unexpected because the Brigades were very good.
5th was PBSM,
and 6th was Police Cadet.

Well, at least not the last!
Thanks for reading,
I really appreciate it.

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