August 27, 2007


Yesterday, I prayed to God hoping that the Geography teacher never come,
Or maybe I just don't need to pass up the folio.
Guess what?
She really didn't come!

But after school,
I planned to finish the remaining pages of my folio.
The sad thing is I still need to go for the PBSM drill.
The commanders just sat there and rest while we drill.
Then suddenly Navindran wanted us to drill 1 by 1.
Well, that crazy Law Jieh gave commands non-stop,
Turn left, right, back, front...
And wanted me to march.
Lucky I didn't screw up,
Maybe a little.

Then he asked other people to drill.
Jia Yu screwed up big time,
Pity her.
To punish her,
She had to do squad jump and all kinds of weird stuff.
Then Chan Wai Lun,
He screwed up a little...
But I didn't feel that happiness that I was suppose to have.
Maybe I was too tired.

Now, I took my bath,
Ate my dinner, and ready to go tuition.
So tired,
Maybe I need to bring some sweets to stay awake.
I don't know how to finish my folio,
Worst thing is my father is at home,
Means that I can't stay up until wee hours.

Prays again.

-Kritz, always lack of time.

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