August 11, 2007


This morning,
I woke up at 7.20 a.m.

So I rushed and still managed to get to school in time.
So I saw Wan Hou Yin, Jia Yu and James Tan.
We waiting until for Pn. Vinothani to take off to some place.
Well, today is a Saturday,
And other students are studying because this day is a replacement.
The uncle of the canteen said :
"Only 1 person from 4 Delta is present (in Malay)"
Hou Yin said this is normal.

Okay, so we waited and took off.
Once we reached there,
It was boring.
Hou Yin was sick,
But he still came,
Because only he is experienced.
So we sat at the tent whole day,
Ate some food Jia Yu bought.
She bought around 5 packets of rice at a shop nearby,
A total of RM 40 +.
Wow, she is RICH.

Near the end,
Suddenly a lot of people fall while playing football.
I didn't know what to do so I just followed Hou Yin most of the times.

Well, nothing much to type,
Lazy too.


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