August 6, 2007

Stupid Feeling

This morning,
Nothing much happened.
That Kar Mern kept pestering me about something I wrote on my MSN.
Stupid Kar Mern,
I really can't remember it.
She just can't stop disturbing me.

Today, Form 3s at my school are sitting for the trial PMR,
Good luck!

Today I was so lucky!
Teacher wanted to check our Geography Folio.
I haven't finish!!
She called names alphabetically.
After she called Kiew Wei Yong,
It was suppose to be my turn.
I kept staring at my watch as if it will go faster (that was the last period).
Then she explained about the map and stuff,
Dismiss, YEA!
Wow, so lucky... so close ...
-Kritz, no stupid feelings

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