August 13, 2007

Being A Parent Ain't Easy

This morning,
Physical education.
I changed into my T-shirt and track bottom,
And played badminton with Blake.
He was insulting Chan Wai Lun the whole time.
And around 9.50 p.m.,
We wanted to change back to our school uniform.
We smell something familiar,
It was the smell of cigarette smoke!!

Some Form 4 or 5 student was smoking in the toilet!!
We called teachers and prefects but he still manage to run away.

I was eating on a bench and that stupid Kentz came and chase me away,
Then he sit there and talk to Blake.
Never mind,
So I went into the cooperation,
My daughter, Kar Mern asked me to buy her a drink,
Okay, fine.
So I just payed for it.

Later was Mathematics class,
I just sat there and day dream.
After that during Moral class,
2 prefects came in and asked me to find Pn. Vinothani.
So I took the pass from Pn. Rafizah and went straight to the teacher's office.
I claimed my 1st pay cheque,
RM 30, for the PBSM thing,
Ha ha.
I wanted to go to the national library trip,
She promised me that if the trip still have empty space,
She will inform me.
But instead,
All the empty spots were filled up by 4 Beta class,
Her class!!
No fair, stupid teacher.

Then after I helped another teacher,
And went back to class.
That time Pn. Rafizah wanted us to say out the definitions of the Moral thing.
I thought I was saved from that but still I had to face it.
Just after I went in,
She called my name and asked me to say it out,
Lucky it was the easiest,
Thank God!

After that, Malay class,

And after was Geography,
The Geography teacher,
Pn. Noreyah, the teacher in charge of the school magazine club,
Wanted me to type some articles in Chinese.
Then I pulled Kar Mern in,
Then she asked both of us.
Ha ha, Kar Mern almost killed me.
So time passed by,
Me and Eirban were passing notes,
As everyone in my class knows,
This Geography teacher is BORING.

After that went to eat at the coffee shop,
Stupid daughter asked money from me again.

Well, nothing much to say.
Thanks for reading.


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