August 18, 2007

I Miss My Home Sweet Home

Had to go back to my mother's home town today.
Now I am using my cousin sister's Dell Laptop.

Well, I can go blogs, Friendster and MSN on this laptop,
But I can't play Maple Story!!
She says that her laptop got some problem so she doesn't let me play.
She is also doing some assignments so she doesn't want her laptop to corrupt.
So sad...

Well tomorrow is my mother's birthday,
And we are going to celebrate it tonight.
Happy Birthday Mom!
And maybe I might miss church tomorrow...
I already missed church so many weeks...

Today, I saw my cousin brother's son (yes, he is married).
Keep making noise and stuff.
I can't imagine how would it be like to be a father...

I want to go back home...

-Kritz, I miss home.

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