August 2, 2007

Happy Day

Yup! A happy day!

1st class, English,
Teacher told us something that I want to share with all my dear faithful readers :-
1. The best time to sleep is at 12.00 a.m. to 4 p.m., she says that time our body will have a special reaction.
2. Off the lights, pure darkness.
3. Don't sleep during dusk, means around 6.00 p.m.
Something like that.

After that was Science, nothing much.
Recess, nothing much.

The it was Living Skills class,
The starting of my happiness!
I got 90% for my monthly examination, wow!
Then Chan Wai Lun got 67% only.
*Evil grins*
Serves him right for being so arrogant.
When he asked me about my results,
I said 90%,
Then his face turned black.
He seemed sad,
But who cares?
I am happy, ha ha ha!

After that was Chinese.
Our Chinese teacher Pn. Liew admitted hospital.
Another teacher, Pn Lau, told us that she was robbed by some people,
When she got down from her car,
A helmet just flew and hit her head,
And those ruthless robbers snatch her belongings and ran away.
Sad case.

After that was Mathematics.
Examination, yeah!
After finishing, thought the test was OK,
At least I managed to finish it without guessing,
Not like that the Living Skills examination.
Then Chan Wai Lun asked me how was the test.
I said it was easy!
He turned black again,
Ha ha ha!

So happy today!
Thanks for reading!


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