August 16, 2007

Too Late To Regret?

Let me list them out :
1. Geography Project
2. Arts
3. History stuff
4. English stuff
I just HATE them.
This time,
As a normal student,
I am suppose to have my beauty sleep.
But I have all these homework to finish.

I have been rushing my Geography folio for the whole day,
Thinking that why didn't I finish long ago?
I still remember the time teacher gave us the assignment,
That time I told myself I could finish it easily.
But now ... I feel stupid.
I keep making and breaking promises to myself.
I feel like a useless person sometimes.

I don't know how to face tomorrow.
Imagine all teachers going crazy and punishing me,
Or all absent.
Oh I hope that suddenly I will fall sick or maybe the school will collapse.
And when I get a second chance,
I always don't use it properly.
Thinking that in life,
Chances does not knock twice.

My mother kept asking me to skip school and follow her to some doctor thing.
As much as I want to do that,
I still feel that the right thing to do is to go to school.
But it seems WRONG.

Frustrated here...
After long thought,
I decided not to pass up the homework tomorrow.
At least I can come out with something better,
But maybe I will suffer the consequences.


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