August 20, 2007


This morning,
Woke up, got ready,
Went to the bus stop to wait for Josh's father to send us to 1 Utama.
So we reached there around 10 p.m.
We were earliest because Josh's father needs to work.
So we walked around,
A lot of rounds.

Me and Josh also ate a light breakfast which is A&W.
I also ate another McDonald Sundae Cone.
I eat a lot.
I also bought a Galaxie magazine in the MPH Bookstore.

After that met up with Kentz, Fiona the birthday girl, Angeline and Vivian.
We walked and went to find Why J, Kentz's friend.
They were like ... I don't know how to say.
We kept talking in Chinese and both of them didn't understand.
Later on, we went to Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) to take the tickets.
We were lining up at the "Gold Class".
People thought we were super rich, ha ha.
Some of us had to take out our Student Pass,
Which makes the ticket RM6 only.

So we walked, and split up.
Me, Josh, Vivian, Angeline and Fiona,
While Kentz walk with Why J.

We ate Esquire Kitchen,
The set lunch, not those expensive type.
Later on we went to the cinemas to buy popcorn and drinks.
The line was long,
So I asked them to go in and see if they sell popcorn inside,
Turned out the counters inside were closed so left me and Josh to collect orders.
The line was long,
But still managed to watch the show without missing anything.

We watched Rush Hour 3,
It was funny, but somehow I feel something is missing.
So after the show,
We went to MPH Bookstore.
I bought True Singapore Ghost Stories #15,
The newest one!!

Later on we went to Baskin' Robins,
So we ate a small cup but sat there a long time.
We kept taking pictures non-stop.
I hate taking pictures,
Because I look stupid,
Maybe I'm too fat.

Why J went home 1st,
Never talked even 1 word throughout the whole day.
So Fiona walked with Kentz,
While others walked another way.
We chatted and even called Blake,
Sad that he didn't go there,
I think he missed most of us.

So me, Vivian and Angeline went home with Josh,
His father seems scary somehow.
After that we talked more,
And Josh's father sent me and Angeline to the bus stop.
Vivian followed Josh because her house is near Josh's house.

My mom sent Angeline home,
And I went back.
No tuition for me today,
Kinda tired.

But, Jia Yu asked me to go IOI Mall tomorrow,
Help~!! Going broke!


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