August 12, 2007

I can't stand it.

This morning,
Never go to church,
Had to go to my father's office for a family day thing.
Boring, every thing there is free,
Especially food.
But the food there was terrible,
And the only edible food was A&W.
Wow, the queue was long,
Very long.

So we ate and went home.
2 hours later,
I had to go to the Taman Mawar padang to be the PBSM guy again.
So around 5.20 p.m.,
Everything ended,

The results of my school is,
Netball - Lost.
Soccer - 3rd and 2nd place.

At least they won in 1 competition.
And these two days,
James and Jia Yu were so lovely,
They keep holding hands and telling everyone their relationship,
Ha ha ha.

But today,
Ju Lynn told Pn. Vinothani about their relationship,
James was so angry,
If there were no people there,
I think he will kill her.

Anyways I came back.
I found out that I have a whole 6-feet-stack of homework.
I can't stand it anymore~!
So much homework,
I feel like running away from all this.
Some one help me,
Oh Lord,
I need your guidance.

-Kritz, need more time.

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