August 15, 2007


Yesterday forgot to write blog,
Partly 'cause I am lazy too.

Let me talk about today.
After a week or so,
Pn. Haizan finally gave us back the results for the monthly test.
Guess what? I got 95%!!
At 1st the results was 98%,
But as you all know,
I am such an honest boy,
So I told teacher.
Everyone start saying,
Enough enough!
98% still not enough?
'Cause last time,
My marks added from 93% - 100%,
Ha ha ha.

So this time,
I told them I was going out to lower my marks,
They said GOOD GOOD,
Then I said,

So I went to ask Chan Wai Lun for his marks.
He covered the marks and kept quiet.
Daniel told me that he only got 50%,
This shows that he only know how to memorise,
And not using his brain.

So after that was living skills class.
We were doing cooking this time.
When Wai Leong was cooking,
He accidentally hurt Kai Wen,
Kai Wen's head was bleeding,
And I thought it was chili sauce...

Well, I didn't feel comfortable 'cause the cooking place is weird.
But in the end my group still manage to make a delicious Pita Bread sandwich thing.
So after that was recess,
And then Chinese!!
No teacher 'cause Pn. Liew was still in hospital.
So we chatted and chatted,
Mainly about Fiona's birthday.
Venue : 1 Utama.
Date : 20th August, Monday.
Time : 8.00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Movie : Rush Hour 3 !!! (Yea!)

After that...
Nothing much.

Well today's PBSM was stupid,
'Cause Chan Wai Lun became the temporary commander.
He kept giving wrong commands and still he doesn't admit it,
And he kept making weird postures,
Maybe he is posing?

Lucky it ended,
But tomorrow still have marching practice,
'Cause the competition is getting near.
And 1 more thing,
Tomorrow's marching is commanded by experienced Form 3 students,
Thank God!

Thanks for reading.


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