August 5, 2007

Sunday, the Sabbath Day

Well, went to church this morning.
After morning service,
Me, Doreen, Vivian and Cherrie went to Cherrie's house to play Maple Story and O2jam.
We played and played,
I showed my professional skills,
Ha ha ha.

Then was the youth service,
We prayed a lot today.

After that I went back home,
We ate at a seafood restaurant,
After that we went to the 100 Yen shop.
A lot of stuff there are MYD/RM 4.90,
I think that is 100 Yen.
But there were also stuff priced at MYD/RM 9.90.
Then I saw a Final Fantasy figurine.
But the price tag was ... MYD/RM 99.90.
So called 100 Yen shop.

Then beside that shop was a "Snow-Ice" shop.
Actually it is a block of flavored ice,
But gridded into something that looks like ice.
So we ate 2 cups,
It was special and nice.

Then we went home,
Heck nothing much happened today.


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