August 10, 2007


This morning,
Went to school.
Kentz greeted me with a name he invented,
"Kritzy Writzy".
He says that name suits my chubby look?!

Then all the normal stuff.
Near the end of the school,
Navindran asked me to join a PBSM thing.
According to Navin,
I am suppose to stand at a football competition and be something like a paramedic.
I really want to join but I don't have any experience in saving people.

In the end I still have to join,
Let's pray that I don't mess up.

Then around 5 p.m.
This person came in front of my house.
He said that the water system thing added to much chemicals in the water,
And he needs a sample of the water in my house to be tested.
So I went into the kitchen to take a cup of water.
After that that "stranger" wanted to plug something to test the water,
He needs to come into my house~!

I didn't let him in of course.
I hesitated a lot but he still insisted that he needs to make a report.
So I kept saying no, no, no.
Then he keep saying,
If i don't check later parents use water got problem is all my fault blah blah.

In the end he said,
Call your parents and ask them to talk to me.
So I used my cordless phone to call my father,
Lucky thing the phone still can be used outside of my house,
Or else I will need to use my hand phone,
And maybe he will just run away with to phone!?
Back to the topic.
So he talk to my father,
Lucky thing he never kill me or something.
So he went off,
And I continued my Maple Story,
Ha ha~!

I remembered he used his "machine" to put into the cup of the water,
After that when I took back the water,
It became yellowish,

End of today's entry,
Thanks for reading.
Hope that I don't mess up tomorrow.


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