April 15, 2008

You've changed.

I can't help but to agree with all your friends,
You changed.

You weren't the friendly guy who I used to know,
You weren't the talkative guy who I used to know,
You weren't the good listener I used to know,
You weren't the caring person I used to know.
I don't know you any more.

When you see me at that place,
You decided to just gave me a sharp look and walk away.
It was just like yesterday you smiled,
That you would gladly say a little 'Hi'.

Did I do anything wrong?
Did I hurt your feelings?
Did I do something that make you treat me this way?

I appreciated every friend I get,
And I don't wish to lose any of my friends.
I really hope that you would understand.

It's not so much of me being desperate to talk to you again,
It's just that I don't wish to lose a friend,
One who used to be a close friend.

Now all you do is ask me for help,
And dump me on the other times.
I feel sad whenever people take me for granted,
I guess everyone feels the same.

Now you need my help,
You seemed like a friend to me.
Now you don't,
Don't even know me.
A friend in need is a friend indeed?

The way you talk,
The way you act,
You totally changed,
And I don't mean for the better.

You might probably say one word after reading all this,

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