April 24, 2008

Life's hard ._.

"What is this small childish boy talking about?
He doesn't know how harsh life can be,
His so called hard situation must be a small one,
He must be overreacting."

Please leave if you want to tell me how worse can my life get,
I just want to release some stress,
Leave me alone ._.

Love 'em, hate 'em.
Hardly find anyone to talk to,
I mean,
People don't get me sometimes,
Good things can be mistaken as a bad thing.
My friends,
So hard to cope with.
Won't they just stare in the mirror and see what's wrong with them?
I'm afraid that I might explode someday,
I don't want history to repeat itself.

I as bad as a pile of turd in time management,
I'm close to hopeless.
Trying to cover up the things that I missed takes time too,
And sometimes the environment makes it hard to me to make a change.
I hate friends who think I'm trying to show off,
I just want to express my happiness,
But they don't let me.
Keeping the happiness inside my little self is just so ... sad.
Show off show off,

I wish God would help me out here.
Besides that,
I'll need to do what I'm suppose to do,
But... ... I just want to use the computer ._.
I'm so lost ._.

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