April 6, 2008

Oops :D

Forgot to blog these days,
Busy... doing stuff that I normally do.

A short summary,
Friday - Skipped the whole day of school LEGALLY, went to clean and decorate the PBSM room.
Saturday - Spent whole day doing stuff that I wasn't suppose to do, as always.
Today - Went to pray to my ancestors, rushed back to church after that.

Is anything wrong with my blog?
Is it boring you or something?
Do I need to improve in the way I write?
Find more interesting topics to blog about?

Back to the topic that I'm suppose to blog about.

When you have something to tell a friend,
And your friend isn't really understanding at all,
But you JUST need to tell him/her what's wrong about him/her,
How do you do that?
I find it so hard to be honest with my friends these days,
As I'm afraid that I might offend people,
Why must it be so hard ._.
Honesty is the best policy,
What happen to that.
How am I suppose to be honest when people are not willing to accept critics.
Argh, I hate this ._.

Consequences of being honest to my friends :
1. He/she might get angry.
2. He/she might start to get defensive.
3. He/she might not be friends with me any more.
4. He/she might start to hate me, thus making up bad stuff about me even though it might not be true.
5. He/she might oppose to every single thing I do.

I've already tried my best to speak in the least offensive and obvious way,
Yet YOU start to get offensive and all.
Why can't you just accept the fact that you have to change.
Why must you be so stubborn.

Damn, I hate blogging without a sense of direction.

And yes, I am pointing to some one, don't ask who, and don't get all offensive if you think it's you.

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