April 27, 2008

What happen to my old readers eh?

Maybe 'cause it's the lack of quality posts ._.
Last time I have like a few of my friends clogging up the chat box,
But now, it's collecting dust.
I don't expect like Kenny Sia's blog traffic of course,
It's not like I have the least bit quality of posts.
Then again,
I'm not complaining about the daily 20+ unique visitors,
But I guess most of them just stumble here instead of being loyal readers >.>
Yea, what do I think I am?

For myself.
Keep that in mind.

Been forgetting to do homework,
Spent whole day in church,
Then came back and sat in front of this life-sucking-box,
Going crazy over OneRepublic >.>

Homework homework homework,
Why do they exist.
I feel so bored and boring,
And yea I meant boring people.
If only I have some interest that will bring me away from this life-sucking-box.
Going to bed soon,
Got to catch with a whole day of studies tomorrow.
I guess now I understand why I like OneRepublic so much,
It's because when I listen to them,
I feel like I'm in another place,
Instead of reality,
Which is kinda wrong.
Then again,
I used to play Maple Story for the same reason.
I just have to escape from all these >.>

UPDATE : I almost went to bed 8.45pm,
I thought it was 10pm already,
But when I went in the room,
I saw the clock,
8.45 pm -.-
Went to switch on the computer again ._.

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