April 22, 2008

Sadly Miserable ._.

Coming to school late for once in my whole secondary life,
Foiled my perfect record,
Fell on the floor,
Don't even know why,
Don't even have a single hand to pull me up.
Worst thing is,
No one to care about it ._.
Ahh, I feel so emo.

Look on the bright side,
At least I'm not dead yet eh?
*my knee still hurts -.-*
I hate all of this,
I just want to ...
I should stop thinking that way,
I'm a Christian,
Loving God,
Being a good person.
Seems so hard,
Seems impossible.

I'm just in a terrible mood these days,
Can't even have time to breathe,
All this stupid stuff piling up,
All those stupid stuff to do,
All those stupid things to put pressure on me,
More teachers to make my miserable life even more miserable.
Just close one eye and let me breathe,
Go take care of others laaaa,
Let me sit in a corner crying my heart out,

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