April 7, 2008

Homework? HOMEWORK?!?!?

See, I forget what to post about now ._.
*thinks hard*
*squeezes brain juice*

*sigh* can't remember,
Just have to think of something else I guess ._.

I just found out that I'm more likely to post blog posts on weekdays.
Let me analyse that.

Why weekdays?
1. I'm bored till I have nothing to do.
2. Things happen on weekdays, school stuff.

Why not weekends?
1. Too into doing stuff that I don't do on weekdays.
2. No, I don't do homework on weekends.
3. Nothing to provoke me to post something meaningful.

In the end, I'll end up doing as much homework as I can last minute.
Because I want to enjoy my 2 days of freedom,
And I repeat,
By freedom,
I don't mean doing homework in a carefree way, damn,
I meant doing anything that has NOTHING TO SCHOOL.
Like enjoying my life sinking in Maple goodness or going out with friends without worrying about the homework that I need to pass up.
I even have to worry about homework when I go to church.
This sucks ._.

Yea, I know it's my fault that I never finish homework earlier,
But I just ... can't ... sit down ... and finish up my homework.
Yea, off the computer,
I might go crazy and dig for food around the house,
Making myself fatter as if I'm not fat enough.

Maybe I'm just lack of determination,
I rather they make give us time to finish up our homework in school,
I don't mind going home later.
But then again,
The school environment is just so ... you know.
Hot, dirty, not comfortable, noisy.

*imagine one of these days, teachers will start telling us that we hate homework, and start saying that some people complain they have too much homework, thus they won't be giving homework any more.
I'm joking, please don't do that*

Just let me express some feelings I have,
You don't have to use it and point back at me,
Poking me in class,
Like a pin cushion,
Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke, poke.
It's not fun at all,
Being poked.
I hate being poked.
Stop poking me.
Let me BREATHE ._.

Did I mention what happens when I really try to just sit down,
And do my homework?
Since there's so much distractions in my living room, (computer and TV)
I've tried doing homework in the room,
Isolated and cut off from all forms of civilisation.
But in the end,
I'll most likely end up snoring on my comfy bed ._.

I have to ask those hard-working friends about 'consistency in doing homework'.

Before I end this sermon, crap talk, rubbish talk, rant, mumblings, complains, post,
My left hand's skin is starting to come off,
Like a snake shedding its skin.
Still remember the Sports Day a few weeks ago?

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