April 2, 2008

*tick tock tick tock*

*the clock starts ticking*
Went for this Geography competition at SMK Puchong Perdana,
So so so far away from my school.
Thanks to Pn. Lau for sending a few of us there,
Did the paper,
Ate the food,
Heard the results,
Saw the finals,
Went back.

Right back in time for Malay class,
Great =/

I'm going to blog about my dinner!

Salmon fish

With all those spices, this and thats,
It tasted nice for a fishy fish o.o

Okay the picture isn't very clear ._.

That's the fish with mayonnaise,


Vegetables, EWWW *pukes*

Oh ya, my father prepared that salmon,
He is one amazing chef,
Well, my mother ain't that bad,
But my father is better at cooking =D

Oh ya,
When I was watching some drama series,
They were talking about this cute little pig,
(translated to English)
The pig word was censored!
Either it was just a small mistake,
Or they really censored it o.o

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