April 26, 2008


Apologise - OneRepublic feat. Timbaland ... or Timbaland feat. OneRepublic?

Yea, the song when people start to know One Republic.
Just so you know, I liked the song before it topped charts.

After that,
Better songs came out :D

Stop and Stare

It wasn't as successful as Apologise,
But I still love the songs @_@
The video is quite confusing,
But from what I've heard,
The grave represents death,
And the pregnant woman signifies life.
It's somehow related to Christianity I guess,
Since they singer, Ryan Tedder is a Christian.


I don't know about this,
Yes, it's a song in the album,
But I didn't know where is came from,
It wasn't a single... I think.

Say (All I Need)

The current single :D

All the songs are amazing IMO,
My favourite band/singer so far for me.

Oh ya,
There won't be any free downloads on this site,
This isn't a music blog,
I'm just sharing :D

ps. I want their album ._.

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