April 12, 2008

On the road to PC fair~

1st thing I have to say,
My phone's camera needs BRIGHT EYE HURTING light to take a clear picture,
When dark the pictures become greenish,
And I cannot move for 3 seconds after taking the picture,
Or else it will get retarded distorted.

Of course,
I'm not complaining,
Just saying there is room to improve =x

"Moving car"

Yea, I was stuck in a jam somewhere,
That explains why my pictures weren't distorted.

Some photographer carrying his big camera walking around under the hot sun taking pictures.
I want to be like him :D

Bright enough?
This explains why my pictures weren't greenish.

One of Malaysia's well know icons,
The Petronas Twin Towers.
(Looks like heaven up there -.-)

I went with my mom,
And Eusof and Lina.
Lina is my mother's boss's daughter,
And Eusof is her boyfriend.
That dude is 183cm tall!!
I want to be taller than that ._.

My mom ain't a good driver,
She gets lost easily,
Kuala Lumpur is so complicated,
She dare not drive there,
So Eusof was the driver for the day.

*Too many people in the PC fair, didn't want to hold my phone snapping everywhere*
Went there,
Saw many people,
Spend almost 8 hours in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).
8 loooong hours.
Went one round 1st,
Took a lot of flyers and brochures,
One whole stack.
They wanted to get a laptop,
So they compared the speculations of each promotion.

Saw many names like Toshiba, Dell, BenQ, Acer, Vaio, Mac, Panasonic.
Speaking about Mac, which is Apple,
It was like sitting there,
Waiting for me to go collect it,
Awww, poor iPod,
I shall free you from this terrible place!
*mom pulls my T-Shirt*
"Noooooo~ Don't separate us~~~*

After the 1st round,
Went for late lunch at Kenny Rodgers,
So packed -.-
Went back,
Bought some stuff.
They bought speakers, headsets, laptops etc.
My mom bought some wrist resting thing,
I bought a 2GB pendrive.

*Using webcam to snap pictures now*

Eh, how to open?

You turn it around.

It was a 2GB Kingston pendrive, RM 28 only.

So later on,
We went back.

"On the way back~"

Told you it becomes greenish -.-
I call them... TearRaindrops on my GuitarCar Window

I prefer these 2

Well, that's the best I can make out of my phone.

ps. I'm missing Kenny Rodger's potato salad ._.

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