April 26, 2008

My 200th post ._.

Whoa, time passes by so fast.
Been so 'dead' these days,
Like a walking zombie.
'Cause I'm bored.
My case of boredom is special,
I don't feel like going out,
I don't feel like playing Maple Story,
I don't feel like play sports,
I don't feel like playing my PSP,
I don't feel like doing homework,
I don't feel like reading books.
I just want to listen to my favourite songs,
And hopefully some one to chat with me.
But too bad,
Thanks to my terrible social skills and lack of friendliness,
I didn't actually have much friends to chat with.

Walking zombie ._.

It's my 200th post for heaven's sake!
I should do something grand!!!!
Hype everything up!!
But... I'm bored.
Maybe I'll wait for the 300th post,
300 not nice,
Maybe 1000.

I wish I had more people to chat with,
Now all I have is those little children bugging me on my msn ._.
My homework,
What should I do with you >.>
*dump into the sea?*

Cool eh?

That's not all the homework I have.
I just wanted to stack them up :D
You probably wouldn't believe if I told you I have so much homework anyway.

I'm still feeling dead,
Tomorrow's morning service I need to handle AV,
Better not screw this up.
*Cross-fingers and pray*

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Anonymous said...

cheer... =)
jia you ya...