April 9, 2008

My 1st Blog Entry That Is Related to Nuffnang :D

I can't remember when,
Lazy to check also,
Found about Nuffnang from my fellow bloggers.

"Weee, Nuffnang :D"
"WAH, you also got Nuffnang liao!!!"
"Money $_$"
"Eh, cute advertisement, I want 1 too ._."

Well, I didn't expect to get paid in a near future or something,
I know that this is just another blog out there out of millions of blogs trying to seek attention from the millions of blog readers out there.
What makes mine so special till I'll get as famous as Kenny?

But a little small money is better than nothing right?

Worth the wait I guess,
Since I don't really have to do anything,
Just need to blog like I usually do.

My little main page.


Eh, what's with the ultimate increase out of a sudden? O.o


Waaait a minute!

Wow, that's a lot ._.

I guess I'm really lack of traffic ._.


Simon Seow said...

Don't worry, it will come. Just click on the ads whenever you visit your own blog because you don't have Cost Per View ads yet. I'll click on yours, and you click mine la whenever you visit my blog.

3POINT8 said...

Hey there. Yea, it takes a while before anyone here can cash out.
Congrats on your earning. More will come ur way eventually

Dom. said...

Dib't worry about the money..It's just like a side dish.. The main course is still ur blog.

Kritz said...

thanks for all the comments o.o

Killer Blogger said...

take ur time..dont be sad..dont rush..

Kritz said...

nah, i'm ok.
anyone know the correct pronunciation or nuffnang?

davienne said...

it's nuff (enough) nang (rhymes with dang)

welcome! :D