April 16, 2008

Dead Tired.

I'm so freaking tired now,
In no mood to do anything at all,
But wait,
I still have to do my stupid homework no matter what.

Thanks to the PBSM thing,
I was half dead.
Maybe it's just that I'm weak or something,
But I just collapsed on my bed,
Around 6pm.

Guess what time I woke up?
Guess guess?
I woke up 10.30pm.
Freaking crazy eh?
Slept like a pig.

By the time I woke up,
I thought it was morning already.
Feel like sleeping again,
But I still have to finish my homework @_@
Homework makes my life miserable.

Sad thing is,
I don't even feel energised after the long beauty sleep.
Got to go do my homework,
I hate them ._.

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