April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kar Mern~

Too bad she quitted blogging,
What's the point of posting that message anyway,
Since that miserable incident,
*long sigh*

Kar Mern's birthday means it's APRIL FOOL~
I just don't get those people who play lousy pranks, or you can say a joke.
No offence though.
Example :
"Hey, did you know that he got kicked out of school?"

The best one I did was this,
Although it wasn't much,
But it made that person went all worried and nervous :
"Eh, 'A', er.. just now Puan 'B' called you..."
"SHIT YOU (that's his catch phrase =.=), why didn't you tell me earlier? !@#$%^&*"
"Errm... *serious face and as if I'm thinking*"
"So she called me for what"
"Err... April Fool?"

Have a Geography competition tomorrow =P
Means I'll be skipping half off the school tomorrow,

Oh ya,
I have this friend,
I don't know what's wrong with him,
But he seems different than he used to be,
Either it's just me or he really changed,
I have the slightest clue of what the hell he's thinking off,
And I have the feeling that I've been taken for granted most of the times ._.
Gah, *shakes that feeling off*

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