April 28, 2008

What If...

... my grandmother forget to off the stove, and my whole house exploded?

I came back from school today,
And my grandmother was boiling something.
Then after,
I smelt a strong scent of leaking gas.


Minutes later,
I woke up,
And found myself standing outside my house.
"Hey, what's all the fuss happening?"
I saw trucks,
Fire trucks,

Spraying water all over my house.
I approached the nearest person I could see :
"Hey, mind telling what happened here?"
He didn't react at all,
I guess he was too stunned by the incident.

Out of the house in flames,
I saw them carrying a boy out of it.
Everything flashed in front of my eyes :
Walking back home, leaking gas, explosion...

It all happen just too fast.
But wait,
If that was me...


What bullshit was that eh?
I suck at making up stories >.>
The leaking gas part was true,
The fire went off and gas was coming out.
Thank God I could pick up that smell,
And went to turn if off instantly.

I wonder what would happen to my own parents when they get old,
I don't mind them being forgetful,
But just don't nag like my grandmother ._.
I can't handle too much nags,
Don't make me send you to the OLD FOLKS HOME!
Okay I won't la,
For now,
I don't know what kind of a devil I will turn into when I grow up :D

I should start studying now ....
Exams start on 14 of May,
For once, Kritz, STUDY LAR.


~YM~ said...

lol..when I see the "what if" i tot u elling insurance.. haha..

or maybe the bursa saham KL ads in Mix.FM.

Aiya, small matter la, if ntg happen la..concentrate on ur studies ah..all the best!!

Falcon said...

luckily you smelt it...

Thats really dangerous..